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Pull Requests (PRs) - Creating and Review

Tips and ideas on how to make the code review process as simple and painless as it can be — both for those reviewing and those preparing the code for review

17 Feb 2023Dotby Justin Gordon
Shortcut (Jira/Trello/Github) Toggl Time and Task Tracking

Clear and regular communications regarding time spent on various tasks are critical to having good client relationships. To this end, ShakaCode leverages Toggl with Shortcut to provide reports to our clients so they can assess the overall level of effort for various tasks and efficiency of ShakaCode development efforts.

12 Feb 2023Dotby Justin Gordon
ShakaCode Consulting Versus Full-Time Hires and Staff Augmentation

Consulting Versus Full-Time Hires

11 Feb 2023Dotby Justin Gordon
thiserror, anyhow, or How I Handle Errors in Rust Apps

A quick note on error handling in Rust.

16 Nov 2022Dotby Alex Fedoseev
React on Rails: File-System-Based Automated Bundle Generation

Automate bundle generation in Rails app using React on Rails.

19 Oct 2022Dotby Pulkit
React on Rails: How to use different versions of a file for client and server rendering

Let's explore the three ways to use different code for server vs. client rendering.

20 Sep 2022Dotby Justin Gordon
Sending Bytes

A note on a data partition during network communications.

5 Jun 2021Dotby Alex Fedoseev
RailsConf 2021 -- Implicit to Explicit: Decoding Ruby's Magical Syntax

Does a Rails model or config file seem like a magical syntax? Or can you read any Ruby code and understand it as the interpreter does?

11 Apr 2021Dotby Justin Gordon
Managing External Data Sources in End-to-End Testing for cross-platform React Native Application

End to end(E2E) testing is a traditional testing methodology where the aim is to examine how an application works by assessing the flow from start to end. In Scenario-Based End-to-End Testing, Application is examined from all layers – front end to backend along with its interfaces and the endpoints

5 Feb 2021Dotby Pulkit
Cool Things You Can Do with First-Class Modules in ReScriptReact

This post is about not so widely known advanced feature of the language, that helps to build handy abstractions over ReScriptReact components.

2 Nov 2020Dotby Alex Fedoseev
A definitive guide to E2E Testing CI Setup for React-Native using Cavy-CLI

React Native is a cross-platform mobile application development framework. It saves development time & cost and adds the ability to ship OTA (over the air) updates.

9 Oct 2020Dotby Pulkit
Manage Rails app business logic using ActiveInteraction gem

Let's dive into managing Rails application-specific business logic using ActiveInteraction.

29 Aug 2020Dotby Alkesh Ghorpade
Buy Apple Products to get a 4 year Warranty

Tips to buy Apple gear with the maximum extended warranty.

20 May 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
Remote Pair Programming Tips using RubyMine and Screenhero (Zoom)

Tips for successful remote pair programming.

20 May 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
Success the ShakaCode Way!

It’s Thanksgiving today! I’m taking a few minutes to put down a few thoughts that I hope will bring you, your family, and your friends “success” in the coming year.

20 May 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
RailsConf 2020 -- Webpacker, It-Just-Works, But How?

How does the Webpacker gem provide "it-just-works" webpack integration with Rails? That simplicity did not come easily. The rich functionality, complexity, and rapid evolution of the webpack ecosystem necessitated extension points beyond a simple Ruby config file.

5 May 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
Migrations on Sequelize-CLI for beginners

Learn the basics of Sequelize-CLI with Renan Aguiar. Packages, npm, npx, configuration folders, migration statuses and more.

17 Apr 2020Dotby Renan
Optimizing js bundle

In this article, I'm considering how you can optimize the site load built on react and webpack.

8 Apr 2020Dotby Andrey
ShakaCode Client Engagement Model

Delivering an exceptional user and developer experience, ShakaCode offers "React on Rails Pro," a subscription-based service including a React-on-Rails Pro license for accelerating client- and server-side performance along with ongoing optimization and support.

1 Apr 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
Optimizing Google Fonts on Gatsby Sites

Achieve faster page loads and avoid flashing and jumping fonts by properly preloading Google fonts on your Gatsby sites with the gatsby-plugin-prefetch-google-fonts plugin.

25 Jan 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
Safe Routing in ReScript

Once you start using a language with sound and expressive type system, to fully leverage its advantages you should push loosely typed entities to the edges of application. One such entity is the URL.

4 Jan 2020Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Safe Identifiers in ReScript

Pretty much each entity in our apps has special field that uniquely identifies it. Usually, it's called id. Type of such identifier can be int or string (or any other serializable data type).

1 Jan 2020Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Introduction to Cypress on Rails

Cypress provides really powerful tools to create true end-to-end tests for modern web applications. With these testing features, stay 100% confident that all frontend user interactions, even async requests, work as expected.

26 Dec 2019Dotby Anton
Migrating from Angular to React


17 Feb 2019Dotby Alexey
Easy React Server Rendering with rails/webpacker v4 and React on Rails

I’m excited about the v4 update of Webpacker. This release brings several big updates from the Webpack ecosystem, notably support for Webpack v4 and Babel 7.

17 Oct 2018Dotby Justin Gordon
HVMN’s 90% Reduction in Server Response Time from React on Rails Pro

Since HVMN installed React on Rails Pro, they’ve seen a roughly 90% improvement in server-response times. The gain came from a combination of intelligent caching along with a much more efficient…

13 Sep 2018Dotby Justin Gordon
How I Almost Fell for Phishing!

I take some pride in being “tech savy” enough that I would never fall for phishing.

5 Apr 2018Dotby Justin Gordon
Eliminating Illegal State in ReScript

Next thing I’d like to share is how ReScript helps in making illegal states unrepresentable in our apps.

23 Mar 2018Dotby Alex Fedoseev
ReScript Modules

Recently, I’ve been investing quite a lot in learning ReScript and TBH I’m pretty much dead as JS developer right now because I’ve seen the better world. Much better one.

13 Mar 2018Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Introducing React on Rails v9 with Webpacker Support

React on Rails v9 completes the update to using Webpacker for publishing assets to Rails views, rather than the legacy “asset pipeline.”

11 Sep 2017Dotby Justin Gordon
Front-End Sadness to Happiness: The React on Rails Story at GORUCO 2017

Here is a short recap of my odyssey around 4 major US cities giving talks on React on Rails in June of 2017. This talk focused on the “Why?” of React on Rails.

15 Jul 2017Dotby Justin Gordon
Optimized, Parallelized CircleCI Configuration for ReactOnRails

ReactOnRails + Jest + CodeCov + CircleCi Parallelization

21 Jun 2017Dotby Rob
Influencing Webpacker Rather than Forking to Support Webpacker in React on Rails

This article provides some background discussion of my work to influence Webpacker and how that lead to the creation of Webpacker Lite, as described in Webpacker Lite: Why Fork Webpacker?

1 Jun 2017Dotby Justin Gordon
Webpacker Lite: Why Fork Webpacker?

Update September 10, 2017. Webpacker Lite has been merged into v3 of Webpacker. If you’re using React on Rails, see the CHANGELOG for migration instructions to update to v9 of React on Rails which uses v3 of Webpacker.

1 Jun 2017Dotby Justin Gordon
React SVGs

What follows is a quick rundown of how we’re currently handling SVGs at ShakaCode.

19 May 2017Dotby Rob
Redux Tree

There are two ways of thinking of about UI: in terms of state or in terms of interactions.

18 Mar 2017Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Bulletproof Enums using Immutable Records and Flow

If you use immutable-js and flow in your projects, you can have statically type-checked Enums. This means you’ll errors right in your editor and on CI when you try to access an Enum property that is misspelled or doesn’t exist.

13 Mar 2017Dotby Alex Fedoseev
A Year of development with Redux. Part III

In the last post of this series, I’ll demonstrate writing UI code as a set of interactions and share how this facilitates integrating Redux and Flow.

28 Feb 2017Dotby Alex Fedoseev
React PureComponent Pitfalls

Unnecessary re-renders can slow down your app, especially when rendering large collections where updates to the collection occur frequently. The React docs sometimes refer to these as “wasted” renders.

30 Jan 2017Dotby Rob
A Year of development with Redux. Part II

The previous post was about the composition of connected components and performance, but those changes introduced another kind of issues, that was solved by the second insight.

20 Jan 2017Dotby Alex Fedoseev
A Year of development with Redux. Part I

I’ve spent the past year working on the primary product of ShakaCode and I’d like to share three biggest insights that I gained during this journey.

10 Jan 2017Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Migration to Webpack@2

I spent the past few days upgrading our app to the latest RC of Webpack ver. 2. Here’s the official migration guide, that covers most of the common cases, but there were still a number of “gotchas” that I wish I had been aware of before I started this PR.

5 Jan 2017Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Yak Shaving Failing Integration Tests with React and Rails

This Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to a major refresh of the react-webpack-rails-tutorial, including:

26 Nov 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
Why Hire ShakaCode?

At ShakaCode, we build custom web and mobile apps, specializing in the use of React or React-Native on the front end and Ruby on Rails on the back end.

21 Nov 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
My React on Rails Talk at the LA Ruby/Rails Meetup, November 10, 2016

I want to express my thanks to the organizers, Claudio and Anna, of the LA Ruby/Ruby on Rails Meetup, along with Stack Commerce, for hosting my talk on React on Rails. You can find the original meetup posting here.

18 Nov 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
General Troubleshooting and Getting Started with React on Rails

Recently, I’ve been doing more private coaching/pairing sessions on getting setup with React on Rails. In this article, I’m going to share my general tips for maximum productivity when using React on Rails. Many of these tips will apply regardless of your programming environment.

7 Nov 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
React on Rails, 2000+ 🌟 Stars

React on Rails is the number one open source integration of React + Webpack + Ruby on Rails. If we take out Webpack from the equation, React on Rails is the number 2 integration solution, second only to reactjs/react-rails, which started 2 years earlier.

24 Oct 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
We’re super inclusive at ShakaCode

I send this out to everybody that’s interested in our team. And the ones that excel at this become full time team members.

18 Jul 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
An Attitude of Gratitude for Open Source

This happened today, in a discussion on github, regarding the “damage” done by having two alternative mainstream ways of integrating React.js with Ruby on Rails.

27 Jun 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
The React on Rails Doctrine

This document is an extension and complement to "The Rails Doctrine."

24 Jan 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
Who Is ShakaCode?

by JUSTIN GORDON in SEP 17, 2015

25 Oct 2015Dotby Justin Gordon
Universal React with Rails: Part IV

Building Universal JavaScript app using React, Redux and Ruby on Rails. Part IV: Making Universal Flux app

4 Aug 2015Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Universal React with Rails: Part III

Building Universal JavaScript app using React, Redux and Ruby on Rails. Part III: Building Universal app

1 Aug 2015Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Universal React with Rails: Part II

Building Universal JavaScript app using React, Redux and Ruby on Rails. Part II: Building JSON API

1 May 2015Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Universal React with Rails: Part I

Building Universal JavaScript app using React, Redux and Ruby on Rails. Part I: Planning the application

19 Apr 2015Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Enums and Queries in Rails 4.1, and Understanding Ruby

Understanding Ruby and how enums work in Rails 4.1.

22 Oct 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Fast Rich Client Rails Development with Webpack and the ES6 Transpiler

This article shows you how to integrate webpack into the Rails ecosystem, allowing the use of npm modules and tools, including the ES6 and JSX transpilers.

3 Oct 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Storing or Excluding Node Modules in Rails Git Repositories

Should you store your node_modules in your git repository or configure git to ignore the node_modules directory.

28 Sep 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Updating My Blog to Octopress with Jekyll 2 and Discourse for Comments

How to update Octopress to Jekyll 2 and add Discourse for comments on a static site.

27 Sep 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Pry, Ruby, Array#zip, CSV, and the Hash[] constructor

Example showing how pry demonstrates the usefulness of Array#zip with CSV

15 Sep 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Rails Gem Upgrading Tips and Strategies

Best-practices for upgrading Ruby on Rails gems to newer versions while saving time and avoiding headaches.

13 Sep 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Specific Issues Upgrading Gems to Rails 4.1, RSpec 3, and Twitter Bootstrap 3.2

This article describes some tougher issues I faced when upgrading to Rails 4.1 and RSpec 3.

12 Sep 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Fast Tests: Comparing Zeus with Spring on Rails 4.1 and RSpec 3

A comparison of using Zeus vs Spring with Rails 4.1 along with the parallel-tests gem.

9 Sep 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Pry, Ruby, and Fun with the Hash Constructor

Example showing how pry can help one better understand the useful Ruby Hash[] constructor.

17 Aug 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
2014 Golden Gate Ruby Conference: Top 10 Reasons to Attend

My top reasons to attend the 2014 Golden Gate Ruby Conference (GoGaRuCo).

13 Aug 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
RailsConf 2014

RailsConf Notes

23 Apr 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Rocking with tmux, tmuxinator, Guard, Zeus, and iTerm2 for Rails Development

tmux, tmuxinator, and iTerm2 tips for productivity with Rails Development

11 Mar 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Capybara PhantomJs Poltergeist Rspec Tips

9 Mar 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Org-Mode Octopress Setup V2

This is a refresh of my original post from April, 2013 to adjust for Emacs 24.3 and org-mode 8.2.x

5 Mar 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Simple Form and Disabling Buttons on Submit by Default

Fixing RecordNotUnique errors by turning on disable_with by default for all submit buttons using simple_form.

23 Feb 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Using RubyMine/IntelliJ Regexp Search/Replace

Tutorial and example of using Jetbrain's RubyMine and IntelliJ's interactive regexp search and replace.

25 Jan 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Migrating from Bash to Zsh

How and why on migration from bash to zsh on Mac OS.

4 Jan 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
GoGaRuCo 2013: Community > Code

A Newbie's 2013 GoGaRuCo Experience

22 Sep 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Upgrading Octopress

Instructions on Upgrading Octopress

15 Sep 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Migrating from Capybara-Webkit to Poltergeist-PhantomJs

Tips for efficiently migrating a test rspec test suite from capybara-webkit to poltergeist-phantomjs

6 Aug 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Update to EmberJs Hello World

Tips to learn emberjs and advice on getting started with Tom Dale's Tutorial

29 Jun 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Ember.js Tutorial with Rails 4

This post demonstrates how to build a simple Ember.js app with Rails 4 for persistence, and includes a detailed screencast.

11 Jun 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Alfred Tips

5 Jun 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
CoffeeScript Chrome Extensions

Useful tools for Chrome with CoffeeScript

27 May 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Ember.js Hello World

26 May 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Getting Started with Discourse

A quick guide to installing discourse to see a production quality rails project on github.

25 May 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Testing Error Handling

How do ensure that your application properly handles errors, especially when relying on third parties, such as payment processors? Is it easy to verify that the right things happen when the wrong things happen?

11 May 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Renaming, Redating Blog Posts

Here's a few tips regarding renaming and redating posts and pages in Octopress.

10 May 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Strategies for Rails Logging and Error Handling

Clean logging and error handling is a critical aspect of a RoR app. What’s a good strategy? Why does this matter?

8 May 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Telecommuting From Maui

6 May 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Octopress Setup with Github, Org Mode, and LiveReload

Installing Octopress with github hosting, Org Mode markup, and Live-Reload

27 Apr 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
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