From concept to delivery, we craft beautiful, engaging digital products

Incorporating modern UI/UX designs and best practices, we create engaging user experiences tailored to your brand, product, and business goals. Whether it’s disrupting marketplaces, creating competitive differentiation, taking advantage of new opportunities, or revamping your existing web app, we’ll create the right visual perception and usability to ensure ongoing engagement.

Whether solving business problems or creating new opportunities, all of our solutions are:


With the right combination of information, visual cues, and timing, UX design can transform a skeptical shopper into a committed customer. Taking your business seriously, we’ll design the right solution to help you achieve your goals.


In a multi-device world, responsive web design is essential for success. We design and build beautiful, engaging, and functional digital products to deliver the optimal user experience on any device.


Whether it’s mapping out process flows, identifying and removing barriers to success, or ensuring a streamlined experience, we validate every major decision we make to exceed your expectations every time.


Using your current style guides and creating reusable code, we’ll deliver an intuitive and consistent digital experience leveraging the latest tools and best practices in the most cost-effective manner for your project.

Designing a new product from scratch, or rebranding an existing one? No problem

Whether designing a new interface or refreshing an old one, we apply creativity and innovation to create consistent, yet personal, digital experiences. Keeping an open mind, we’ll work with you to understand, ideate, validate, and build an intuitive and engaging, customer-centric digital solution.

Best practices and methodologies to give you precisely what you want—every time

Customer Experience Strategy

Creating strategic digital products delivering tangible business results, we’ll work with you to identify critical components for ensuring the optimal customer experience—irrespective of size, industry, or customer profile.

Customer Journey Mapping

Based on established personas, we leverage customer journey maps to break down the customer experience, introduce new concepts and processes, and create an engaging experience to ensure attraction, conversion, and retention.

Wireframes & Interactive Prototyping

We’ll help you navigate all facets of the digital landscape from concept to delivery, creating wireframes and interactive prototypes, and validating each step before moving to the next.

User Testing & Validation

Whether designing usability scenarios or conducting in-person and remote user acceptance tests, we leverage the latest tools to make sure the end product meets you and your customers' needs.

Want to know what our clients say?

GGET.COM: Accelerating the uptake of coffee subscriptions

GGET is all about a great customer experience. We pride ourselves on exceptional service, awesome drinks, and delicious food and pastries. ShakaCode revamped our subscription webpage, increasing uptake and enabling more customers to enjoy GGET's great coffee at home without ever running out.

Casey GipsonDirector of Product and Engineering,
Go Get Em Tiger (GGET)
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Is ShakaCode right for your design project?

Specializing in creating beautiful and functional interface designs, our design team has extensive experience encompassing marketplaces, e-commerce web apps, dashboard visualizations, mobile applications, and complex enterprise solutions. Combining user insights, UX best practices, and a strategic approach to branding, we craft simple, intuitive, and delightful interfaces, creating a smooth, engaging user experience.

We have developed various products:

Marketplaces and classifiers
E-commerce projects
Admin Panel
Admin panels and back offices
Mobile Applications
Mobile applications

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