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Cool Things You Can Do with First-Class Modules in ReScriptReact - read more

Cool Things You Can Do with First-Class Modules in ReScriptReact

This post is about not so widely known advanced feature of the language, that helps to build handy abstractions over ReScriptReact components.

2 Nov 2020Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Feedback on ReScript

A few months ago, I asked fellow devs to give honest feedback on their experience with ReScript, and this is what I got in replies.

27 Mar 2024Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Safe Routing in ReScript

Once you start using a language with sound and expressive type system, to fully leverage its advantages you should push loosely typed entities to the edges of application. One such entity is the URL.

4 Jan 2020Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Safe Identifiers in ReScript

Pretty much each entity in our apps has special field that uniquely identifies it. Usually, it's called id. Type of such identifier can be int or string (or any other serializable data type).

1 Jan 2020Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Eliminating Illegal State in ReScript

Next thing I’d like to share is how ReScript helps in making illegal states unrepresentable in our apps.

23 Mar 2018Dotby Alex Fedoseev
ReScript Modules

Recently, I’ve been investing quite a lot in learning ReScript and TBH I’m pretty much dead as JS developer right now because I’ve seen the better world. Much better one.

13 Mar 2018Dotby Alex Fedoseev
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