What we do and how we do it

From ideation to execution, we leverage our extensive experience and expertise to design, develop, integrate, and support beautiful web and mobile apps that disrupt markets, drive incremental revenue, and enable you to reinvent and scale your business.


A great user experience (UX) can make the difference when it comes to choosing between you and your competition. Our well-respected design team takes your ideas and conceptualizes them into wireframes, delivering beautiful but functional interfaces for the development team to build.

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Solving real-world problems using best-in-class technologies, we help startups, mid-market, and enterprise clients scale their business with high impact web applications and mobile apps. Leveraging Agile methodologies and best practices, we design, prototype, build, and integrate complex e-commerce, market place, and information sharing web applications.


As partners that work with you, not for you, we can either build your entire web or mobile app or complement your existing team with the expertise, experience, flexibility, intellectual property, and knowledge transfer you need to meet aggressive deadlines - on time and within budget.

Boost React on Rails with React on Rails PRO

Improve your server response times up to 90% with built-in code-splitting, caching, and more efficient React server-side rendering for just $135/month.

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What makes it all the more impressive, is that during the period where we've reduced response times by almost 75%, we’ve also increased throughput by 124%. So we’re handling 2.24x the number of requests while maintaining much faster response times than previously. That’s amazing!

Justis BlascoCo-founder and VP of Technology at Popmenu

ShakaCode CTO-as-a-Service (CTOaaS)

Advising startups and enterprises, we offer strategic CTO services. Leveraging our vast experience of both business and technology—and based on current and emerging trends—we’ll guide you through the process of making those tough technology choices. Once done, we can fill the CTO gap and lead the design, development, and deployment of innovative solutions that meet the goals of your digital strategy and accelerate the delivery of your business objectives.

ShakaCode Pro Support

Working with Rails, React, ReScript, Gatsby, and Webpack every day of our lives has enabled us to accumulate a tremendous amount of experience. You can take advantage of that experience - including client- and server-side performance tuning and best practices - by taking out a ShakaCode Pro Support subscription. Configured in 2, 4, 8, or 12-hour increments per month, we bill to the second to make sure you get the value you deserve.

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How we do it

We may have opinions about the technologies and best practices we love and choose to use, but we have a good reason - building elegant, high-performance mobile and web applications that deliver results for our clients.



Client side

Client-side performance

With performance a fundamental part of the ShakaCode commitment, we’ll tune your web application for improvements of 90% or more.

Server side

Server-side performance

We’ll work with you to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks, optimizing your web apps to ensure the best possible user experience.

Third party

3rd party integration

We've integrated our custom apps with powerful, third-party tools, adding functionality to accelerate both the web applications we build and the development processes we use.


Angular to React migration

With many companies migrating from Angular to React, we have the experience and expertise to help accelerate your migration. process.

ShakaCode makes it happen!

Schedule a free, 30-minute call to discuss what ShakaCode can do for your project. Or email us at [email protected] with your ideas, challenges, or questions. We'll get back to you within two business days.