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React on Rails

The world’s leading solution for integrating of Ruby on Rails, React, and Webpack using rails/webpacker to build Isomorphic (Universal) apps, a new hybrid approach for accelerating the development of web applications. With over 2 million downloads and in use on more than 2,000 public websites, we believe we deserve our more than 4,600 stars!

Read more about React on Rails in the article “3 ways to use React with Ruby on Rails 5” by Hrishi Mittal, the founder of Learnetto with more than a decade’s experience building software using a variety of different technologies including Rails, React, Redux, and Flux.

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Over three weeks, the ShakaCode team helped us migrate to React on Rails Pro, set up Webpack v4, migrated our entire asset pipeline to Webpack v4. The results were great. Our blog and product pages are 80-90% faster after that effort. The improved fragment caching was quick to set up and made a huge dent in our average server response times.

Paul BenigeriVP of Growth & Engineering at HVMN

Boost React on Rails with React on Rails PRO

Improve your server response times up to 90% with built-in code-splitting, caching, and more efficient React server-side rendering for just $1500/year.

What makes it all the more impressive, is that during the period where we've reduced response times by almost 75%, we’ve also increased throughput by 124%. So we’re handling 2.24x the number of requests while maintaining much faster response times than previously. That’s amazing!

Justis BlascoCo-founder and VP of Technology at Popmenu

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Bootstrap Loader

Red star1,000+
A loader for loading Twitter Bootstrap styles and scripts into your Webpack. It supports Webpack v4 and Bootstrap v4.
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Sass Resources Loader

Red star800+
This loader imports your SASS resources into every required SASS module, allowing you to use shared variables and mixins across all SASS styles without manually importing them into each file. It also works with CSS modules.
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Cypress On Rails

Red star200+
A gem for using with Ruby on Rails with the goal of controlling State as mentioned in Cypress Best Practices. This gem provides an option to Capybara for creating ergonomic integration tests with Cypress.
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