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Shortcut (Jira/Trello/Github) Toggl Time and Task Tracking - read more

Shortcut (Jira/Trello/Github) Toggl Time and Task Tracking

Clear and regular communications regarding time spent on various tasks are critical to having good client relationships. To this end, ShakaCode leverages Toggl with Shortcut to provide reports to our clients so they can assess the overall level of effort for various tasks and efficiency of ShakaCode development efforts.

12 Feb 2023Dotby Justin Gordon
ShakaCode Consulting Versus Full-Time Hires and Staff Augmentation

Consulting Versus Full-Time Hires

11 Feb 2023Dotby Justin Gordon
Success the ShakaCode Way!

It’s Thanksgiving today! I’m taking a few minutes to put down a few thoughts that I hope will bring you, your family, and your friends “success” in the coming year.

20 May 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
ShakaCode Client Engagement Model

Delivering an exceptional user and developer experience, ShakaCode offers "React on Rails Pro," a subscription-based service including a React-on-Rails Pro license for accelerating client- and server-side performance along with ongoing optimization and support.

1 Apr 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
We’re super inclusive at ShakaCode

I send this out to everybody that’s interested in our team. And the ones that excel at this become full time team members.

18 Jul 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
An Attitude of Gratitude for Open Source

This happened today, in a discussion on github, regarding the “damage” done by having two alternative mainstream ways of integrating React.js with Ruby on Rails.

27 Jun 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
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