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Partnering towards a billion-dollar valuation

From a small task to a long-term partnership for software development and growth.

Brivity is an all-in-one real estate platform that automates tasks to helps agents sell more homes. Founded by top-producing agent Ben Kinney, Brivity offers IDX websites, lead capture, marketing, and client portals.

ShakaCode exceeded our expectations and continually delivered high-quality results. Thanks to their expertise in Ruby on Rails, React, project management, commitment to open source projects, and transparent billing practices, ShakaCode has solidified its reputation as a reliable and skilled software development partner.

Robert SchmittChief Technology Officer at Brivity

ShakaCode transformed Brivity's Rails monolith into a modern SPA, improving developer experience, user experience and visual consistency. As a part of this effort, ShakaCode delivered a reusable component system with a consistent visual identity using modern web technologies, which debuted as a part of one of Brivity's most significant new features - their revamped transaction details page - which saw their sales increase by 4x. All throughout the partnership, ShakaCode also ensured system stability and performance through root-cause analysis, database query and schema optimizations, and reduced test suite runtimes by over 60%, in an effort to ensure product quality and a shorter time-to-market.

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73% increase in average page response times

Boosting performance and reducing costs

Founded in 2016, Popmenu’s technology supercharges online restaurant menus, providing a dynamic consumer experience that puts photos, reviews, ratings, and social validation directly on the restaurant’s website and under their control.

The initial performance improvements far exceeded our expectations. The average page response time for Popmenu users has been reduced by over 73% … Google Lighthouse performance score across our network of sites is now well over 90 ...we've been able to save 20-25% in our Heroku hosting costs - savings that practically paid for the consulting work ShakaCode provided.

Justis BlascoCo-founder and VP of Technology at Popmenu

ShakaCode implemented React on Rails PRO, enabling Popmenu to separate the Rails servers from the Node rendering servers. The average page response time has been reduced by over 73% and build times by 62%, Google Lighthouse performance scores increased to well over 90, and Heroku hosting costs reduced by 20-25%.

For more details, read the summary or download the full case study.


A “first for the industry” drives rapid adoption

Creating bidirectional marketplaces that disrupt

The largest supplier of curated data center services and colocation facilities in the indirect sales channel, Datacenters.com set out to create a modern colocation and managed services marketplace with each user empowered to manage their own experience. They wanted to create a unique, disruptive marketplace that allows companies to research, find, and purchase any IT solutions or services.

We now have a marketplace that’s a first in the industry. It’s evolved redesigned the entire site with a brand new directory, a real estate section that we never had before, and an improved look for our blog. Our initial vision for the site is finally a reality. We’ve gone from chasing the vision to a whole new world where we can explore creative ideas and scale the business.

Joel St. GermainFounder and CEO of GCG and Datacenters.com

ShakaCode’s team leveraged existing IP and created the industry's first bidirectional marketplace. Rapid adoption from more than 270 colocation and disaster recovery providers quickly resulted in 1600 global datacenters with over 300 products being available on the marketplace—three times the amount originally anticipated. In addition, there was a 15% compound monthly growth rate in site traffic.

For more details, read the summary or download the full case study.


90% faster time-to-market and cost savings

Building high-impact eCommerce websites

Printivity is the fastest growing digital print company in the USA. Previously known as MGX Copy, rebranding and slow backend processes required a new website supporting a mobile-friendly UI, SEO capabilities, and a faster and cheaper way to launch new print products. ShakaCode was hired for the complete, end-to-end implementation, including taking over and updating the designs provided by the original branding and design team.

We selected ShakaCode, not only because of their ability to provide React-on-Rails integration support, but also their extensive development and real-world experience in these technologies. It’s allowed us to establish a new development baseline and enables us to replicate our success in the future.

Erik KruegerCTO at Printivity

Faced with a limited budget and hard launch date, ShakaCode leveraged their existing reusable IP and experience to build the entire e-commerce website in just three months! The result? Over 75% adoption in the first month and up to 90% cost savings for launching new print products!.

For more details, read the summary or download the full case study.


150% increase in subscribers in just 6 weeks

Unleashing creativity to enhance the customer journey

Founded as a pop-up dedicated to creating innovative and memorable coffee experiences, Go Get Em Tiger (GGET) is a chain of bar-style, “community coffee” shops in Los Angeles, California. Already an extension of the development team, GGET asked ShakaCode to redesign and develop the coffee subscription webpage, mirroring the customer journey and enhancing the user experience.

GGET is all about a great customer experience. We pride ourselves on exceptional service, awesome drinks, and delicious food and pastries. Still, our website was a barrier to expanding our business. ShakaCode revamped our subscription webpage, increasing uptake and enabling more customers to enjoy GGET’s great coffee at home without ever running out.

Casey GipsonDirector of Product and Engineering, Go Get Em Tiger (GGET)

After evaluating the existing website and making recommendations, ShakaCode redesigned and developed GGET’s coffee subscription webpage. Using GGET’s current style guide, ShakaCode ensured the new pages have the same look and feel as the main website. The result? GGET increased the number of coffee club subscribers by over 150% within just six weeks of deployment!

Visit the website or read the case study.


Satisfied customers, increased profits, and happy shareholders

Delivering complex Domo apps

A digital consultancy, Blue Moon Digital helps clients leverage the power of data to drive digital transformation. It does so with agency services that promote and engage; analytics and data science services that measure, optimize, and predict; and technology solutions for visualization and automation.

Our job is to help our clients take the guesswork out of their data. ShakaCode helps us take the guesswork out of technology.

Rachel HazelwoodHead of Product Management, Blue Moon Digital, Inc.

Lacking in-house frontend resources, Blue Moon Digital partnered with ShakaCode to develop a highly-sophisticated app running within a Domo environment using Rails and React. ShakaCode’s experience building sophisticated apps with Ruby, React, and react_on_rails provided the skills Blue Moon needed to develop complex functionality that matched their clients’ needs, resulting in optimized campaign spend that translates to increased profits and happy shareholders. It also helped establish Blue Moon as a thought leader in their marketplace.

For more details, read the summary or download the full case study.


Delighted users and increased retention

Enhancing user experiences through innovation

An email marketing platform that connects to WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and Shopify stores, Jilt enables users to immediately begin recovering lost revenue. On average, stores can start generating an additional 15-20% in revenue within 20 minutes of installation. After switching from a well-known competitive solution, one vendor recovered $3,000 in lost revenue—or 15% of his monthly income—in just three weeks.

The ShakaCode team is super committed to both empowering their clients and giving back to the open-source community. They were an immediate and effective extension of our team. Our experience with them has been exceptional.

Justin SternCo-founder and CTO, SkyVerge

Jilt partnered with ShakaCode to help build an engaging, user-friendly, and intuitive user interface to delight new users, retain existing customers, and reduce the number of support requests handled by the Jilt team. ShakaCode also developed several new features—such as email list management and support for sending out newsletters. Combined with an attractive and intuitive UI, increased performance significantly enhances the user experience, resulting in reduced churn, increased retention, and fewer support requests.

For more details, read the summary or download the full case study.

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