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Buy Apple Products to get a 4 year Warranty

Tips to buy Apple gear with the maximum extended warranty.

May 20, 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
Remote Pair Programming Tips using RubyMine and Screenhero (Zoom)

Tips for successful remote pair programming.

May 20, 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
Clubhouse (Jira/Trello/Github) Toggl Time and Task Tracking

Clear and regular communications regarding time spent on various tasks are critical to having good client relationships. To this end, ShakaCode leverages Toggl with Clubhouse to provide reports to our clients so they can assess the overall level of effort for various tasks and efficiency of ShakaCode development efforts.

January 14, 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
How I Almost Fell for Phishing!

I take some pride in being “tech savy” enough that I would never fall for phishing.

April 05, 2018Dotby Justin Gordon
Webpacker Lite: Why Fork Webpacker?

Update September 10, 2017. Webpacker Lite has been merged into v3 of Webpacker. If you’re using React on Rails, see the CHANGELOG for migration instructions to update to v9 of React on Rails which uses v3 of Webpacker.

June 01, 2017Dotby Justin Gordon
Bulletproof Enums using Immutable Records and Flow

If you use immutable-js and flow in your projects, you can have statically type-checked Enums. This means you’ll errors right in your editor and on CI when you try to access an Enum property that is misspelled or doesn’t exist.

March 13, 2017Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Rails Gem Upgrading Tips and Strategies

Best-practices for upgrading Ruby on Rails gems to newer versions while saving time and avoiding headaches.

September 13, 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Rocking with tmux, tmuxinator, Guard, Zeus, and iTerm2 for Rails Development

tmux, tmuxinator, and iTerm2 tips for productivity with Rails Development

March 11, 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Simple Form and Disabling Buttons on Submit by Default

Fixing RecordNotUnique errors by turning on disable_with by default for all submit buttons using simple_form.

February 23, 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Migrating from Bash to Zsh

How and why on migration from bash to zsh on Mac OS.

January 04, 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Migrating from Capybara-Webkit to Poltergeist-PhantomJs

Tips for efficiently migrating a test rspec test suite from capybara-webkit to poltergeist-phantomjs

August 06, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Alfred Tips

June 05, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
CoffeeScript Chrome Extensions

Useful tools for Chrome with CoffeeScript

May 27, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Getting Started with Discourse

A quick guide to installing discourse to see a production quality rails project on github.

May 25, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Strategies for Rails Logging and Error Handling

Clean logging and error handling is a critical aspect of a RoR app. What’s a good strategy? Why does this matter?

May 08, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Telecommuting From Maui

May 06, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
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