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We build web and mobile applications
using React, React-Native, and Ruby on Rails.

We share our knowledge through our Blog, Forum and Open Source.

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We are a global team of developers and designers specializing in web applications built on top of Ruby on Rails and React.

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React on Rails

We lead the React on Rails open source project with over 3700 🌟 and powering many live websites! Our objective is to provide an opinionated and optimal framework for integrating Ruby on Rails with modern JavaScript tooling and libraries, including Webpack, Babel, React, Redux and React-Router.

Featured Testimonial About React on Rails:

We've been working on the next version of The site is built on Rails, and we still love Rails, but the next version is going to use the React on Rails gem built by Justin Gordon and his team at Shakacode. It's pretty amazing what this tool has been able to do for us. Fully integrated server-side rendering of React inside of a Rails app with React Router 4 and Redux. Life's complex, and apps are too!

React on Rails on newsletter January 30, 2017

Joel Hooks

Joel Hooks

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