Creating real-world IP with our own vacation rental marketplace

Status: In progress
Start: 2016
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We created to allow travelers to search for the best selection of vacation rental properties in the USA, while being able to compare prices between different booking sites, including booking directly with owners. The site is fast, attractive, and easy to navigate, offering a great user experience for travelers and property managers alike.

Leveraging reusable IP and developing critical skills

As a development sandbox for learning new technologies and writing beautiful code, allows us to develop the skills and best practices we need to be the best at what we do.

The impact of on, an eCommerce website for a digital print company priding itself on delivering the best user experience.

What I liked about ShakaCode is that they’d already done what we wanted to do, but for themselves on their website They weren’t just using us as guinea pigs. They had an established development team along with a standard setup and development process that they’d already perfected launching real-world applications. Instead of starting something new, they were simply leveraging their existing skills and experience to replicate the success they’d previously achieved.

Erik KruegerCTO at Printivity
The impact of on, the largest bidirectional marketplace supplying curated data center services and colocation facilities.

ShakaCode’s experience in building their own marketplace definitely helped. Creating a highly-visual website with a consistent user experience is critical to its success. Your developers must know the best way to provide a fast, easy, and consistent experience for managing text, images, and video. ShakaCode’s experience with definitely helped shape the success of the project.

Mike PriceVP of Software Engineering at GCG and

ShakaCode makes it happen!

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