Web Scraping & Data Analysis

In recent years, we scraped and analyzed a tremendous amount of data. We learned how to reduce costs and increase the performance of our systems. Today, we are ready to share our experience.

At some point, companies face the need to get data from the internet. Whether it is a monitoring of their brand or competitors, marketing research, or collection of data for Machine Learning purposes—in either case, they would have to reach out to web scraping. At ShakaCode, we spent years making it as efficient as possible.


For HiChee, we scrape vacation rental listings from 190 countries around the globe. We compare prices for the same rental cross-listed on the three major vacation rental websites: Airbnb, Booking, and Vrbo (Expedia). All of these sites use the most advanced anti-scraping technologies available.

Total listings scraped
> 11 million
Total listings matched
> 5 million
Total images analyzed
> 273 million


We use Rust, and we know it well. That makes us highly efficient at developing the most performant and bug-resilient solutions possible.

We built a solution that helps us manage a fleet of machines that perform various tasks, from scraping the data to analyzing the results and dispatching them to our frontend systems.


Any web scraping project at scale will require proxies to simulate real users. Publicly available proxy providers can get the job done, but they are pricey and come with other limitations that will slow down or block development.

ShakaCode has developed an in-house proxy solution to reduce development and operational costs by orders of magnitude. By owning the proxy service, we can more easily bypass anti-scraping protections, saving many developer hours.


We don't scrape data just for the sake of collecting it. Most of the time, we need it for making decisions. We write code to analyze the scraped data, spotting similarities, trends, and patterns to create actionable insights.

Using modern technologies, such as machine learning & artificial intelligence, we can make web data work for your business.


And, yes, it is legal.

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