React on Rails Pro

From the team behind React on Rails and Shakapacker gem, enhance your usage of React with Ruby on Rails with our Pro support and software subscription. Get better performance, smoother upgrades, and less yak shaving. Allow your team to focus on features while ShakaCode helps keep your usage of React with Ruby on Rails tuned up.

The software part of Pro includes a React on Rails Node rendering server for better performance and compatibility. The support part of Pro includes one hour a month of support via Slack and Zoom.

React on rails pro

What our clients say supports over 4,000 restaurant sites with over 8 million unique visitors per month. Despite a 10X increase in traffic, average response times have decreased to less than 100 milliseconds - thanks to React on Rails Pro and the ShakaCode team!

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The initial performance improvements far exceeded our expectations. The average page response time for Popmenu users has been reduced by over 73% … Google Lighthouse performance score across our network of sites is now well over 90 ...we've been able to save 20-25% in our Heroku hosting costs - savings that practically paid for the consulting work ShakaCode provided.

Justis BlascoCo-founder and VP of Technology at Popmenu

Websites using React on Rails Pro

Shave the yak of React with Rails

You were minutes away from completing the task—5 hours ago! What happened?

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably trying to integrate Ruby on Rails with React and Webpack, or getting your CI working again after updating Babel, Node, and Webpack. It’s tough. It takes yak shaving to a whole new level.

ShakaCode can help!

We've been helping companies implement this tech stack since 2014, saving time and money by sharing our expertise, recipes, and software to optimize Ruby on Rails sites using React. Ensuring an enhanced end-user experience AND a great developer experience, let ShakaCode handle your React on Rails setup while you focus on your application.

What is yak shaving?

Any seemingly pointless activity which is actually necessary to solve a problem which solves a problem which, several levels of recursion later, solves the real problem you're working on.

“yak shaving” — Urban Dictionary

Why use React on Rails Pro?

React on Rails Pro is right for you if you want to:

Personalized support for your project's usage of the gems. Including React on Rails, ShakaPacker, Cypress-On-Rails, and React-Rails

Help with upgrading from rails/webpacker to shakapacker

Improve your front-end performance which improves your Google Lighthouse score

Reduce Heroku and other infrastructure costs with optimized configurations based on React with Rails best practices

Boost your website performance and SEO with react-router, server-side rendering (SSR), and code-splitting

Use cutting-edge technologies such as dynamic React code splitting with SSR using loadable-components

Do it right with a proper Node.js renderer for SSR instead of embedded JavaScript in Ruby

Save time keeping your React, Webpack, and other Node packages and configurations current

Leverage type-safety via ReScript or TypeScript in your front-end code

Streamline configuration of CircleCI for your React and Rails app

Simplify integration testing with shakacode/cypress-on-rails

Enhance the developer experience with React hot-reloading

Have a private Slack channel to ask Rails, React, React on Rails, Webpack, reactjs/react-rails, and rails/webpacker experts at any time

React on Rails Pro Subscription


A commercial license for React on Rails Pro, configuration examples, and 1 hour per month of support, via Slack, Zoom, GitHub code reviews, etc. with a maximum 24-hour response time for any developer question regarding react_on_rails, react-rails, webpacker, and more.

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