Improve response times by up to 90% or more with React on Rails PRO!

Proprietary technology created to enhance your React on Rails experience, React on Rails PRO is jam-packed with performance enhancements to satisfy your visitors.

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React on Rails PRO Features

Deploy React on Rails PRO and get fast, easy access to increased performance.

Code Splitting

For fast and interactive loading, only load the JavaScript needed for the current page and lazy-load the rest with code-splitting.


Reduce the CPU load on your Ruby servers and improve response times with virtually no code changes.

Caching of rendering requests

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Fragment caching of server rendering

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React rendering

Enjoy more efficient React server-side rendering on a standalone Node JS server.

Improved CPU and memory management on both rendering and Ruby servers

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Proper Node Tooling

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Caching of React rendering

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Rolling Restart of Node Workers

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The ShakaCode team helped us migrate to React on Rails PRO. The results were great. The improved fragment caching was quick to set up and made a huge dent in our average server response times. Our blog and product pages are 80-90% faster.

Paul Benigeri - shakacode client
Paul BenigeriVP of Growth & Engineering at HVMN

Purchasing React on Rails PRO

There are two options for acquiring React on Rails PRO:

Subscribe to ShakaCode Pro Support

Leverage our experience and optimize your site with client- and server-side performance tuning. Configured in 2, 4, 8, or 12-hour increments per month, the subscription includes a license for React on Rails PRO.

Purchase a standalone license

Purchase a standalone license for $950/year and enjoy all the benefits. If needed, we’ll help you implement and tune React on Rails PRO to ensure you get the performance benefits your visitors and users demand.

The initial performance improvements far exceeded our expectations. The average page response time for Popmenu users has been reduced by over 73%. We’ve been able to sustain that performance despite continuously adding new features and improving the look and feel of all of our client sites at the same time.

Justis Blasco - shakacode client
Justis BlascoCo-founder and VP of Technology at Popmenu

Are you eligible for a free trial?

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