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Go beyond the open source to enhance your React on Rails experience. React on Rails Pro provides performance enhancements and the experienced team behind the React on Rails to help you, saving on the yak shaving time.

React on rails pro

Shave the yak of React with Rails

Integrating Ruby on Rails with React and Webpack is tough. Lots of YAK SHAVING is a given. My team and I have been helping many companies with this tech stack since 2014.

I'm here to help you save time and money by sharing our expertise, recipes, and software for optimizing your Ruby on Rails sites that use Rails and React, for not only a better end-user experience but also a great developer experience. You can focus on your application and let ShakaCode handle your optimal React on Rails setup.

What is yak shaving?

It's spending way too much time for a seemingly simple task, like getting your CI working again after updating Webpack, Babel, and Node. You're only a few minutes away from completion, but that was 5 hours ago. Have you ever been there?

React on Rails Pro is right for you if you want to:

The Solution: A verified partner with varied expertise

Optimize the performance of your site for users so that you get a better Google Lighthouse score, especially if you're using server-side rendering (SSR) for SEO and performance optimization.

Minimize yak-shaving time keeping your React, Webpack, and other Node packages and configurations current.

Use cutting edge performance technologies such as dynamic React code splitting with SSR using loadable components.

Have experts always available for questions and pairing on issues related to Rails, React, and Webpack.

Give your developers the best possible developer experience with React hot-reloading.

Use a proper Node.js renderer for SSR rather than embedded JavaScript in Ruby.

Leverage type-safety via ReasonML or TypeScript in your front-end code.

Effectively use react-router with server-side rendering, maybe with code splitting.

Use shakacode/cypress-on-rails for awesome integration testing, way beyond Capybara.

Get help with not only React on Rails but also reactjs/react-rails and rails/webpacker.

Configure CircleCI for your React and Rails app like a pro.

Reduce your Heroku slug size with React on Rails.

Have experienced application developers available to guide you on any questions regarding Rails development with React.

Have access to an example app demonstrating the use of loadable components with HMR, running on React on Rails Pro.



/month paid anually



/month paid quaterly


A license for the React on Rails Pro software and examples, such as how to setup loadable components.

For each calendar month, up to one hour of support, via Slack, zoom, Github code reviews, etc. or one hour removed from the invoice for additional consulting for the month at $125/hour. We'll provide a maximum 24 hour response time for any developer question.

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Want to learn more?

Book a time with Justin for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to see if React on Rails Pro Support is for you or send your questions via email

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What our clients say –22% mean response time in 3 days after adding React on Rails Pro.

Adding React on Rails Pro immediately made the website faster which increased the user experienced and decreased payments for infrastructure for the company.

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