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RailsConf 2021 -- Implicit to Explicit: Decoding Ruby's Magical Syntax - read more

RailsConf 2021 -- Implicit to Explicit: Decoding Ruby's Magical Syntax

Does a Rails model or config file seem like a magical syntax? Or can you read any Ruby code and understand it as the interpreter does?

11 Apr 2021Dotby Justin Gordon
Shortcut (Jira/Trello/Github) Toggl Time and Task Tracking

Clear and regular communications regarding time spent on various tasks are critical to having good client relationships. To this end, ShakaCode leverages Toggl with Shortcut to provide reports to our clients so they can assess the overall level of effort for various tasks and efficiency of ShakaCode development efforts.

12 Feb 2023Dotby Justin Gordon
ShakaCode Consulting Versus Full-Time Hires and Staff Augmentation

Consulting Versus Full-Time Hires

11 Feb 2023Dotby Justin Gordon
Managing External Data Sources in End-to-End Testing for cross-platform React Native Application

End to end(E2E) testing is a traditional testing methodology where the aim is to examine how an application works by assessing the flow from start to end. In Scenario-Based End-to-End Testing, Application is examined from all layers – front end to backend along with its interfaces and the endpoints

5 Feb 2021Dotby Pulkit
Cool Things You Can Do with First-Class Modules in ReScriptReact

This post is about not so widely known advanced feature of the language, that helps to build handy abstractions over ReScriptReact components.

2 Nov 2020Dotby Alex Fedoseev
A definitive guide to E2E Testing CI Setup for React-Native using Cavy-CLI

React Native is a cross-platform mobile application development framework. It saves development time & cost and adds the ability to ship OTA (over the air) updates.

9 Oct 2020Dotby Pulkit
RailsConf 2020 -- Webpacker, It-Just-Works, But How?

How does the Webpacker gem provide "it-just-works" webpack integration with Rails? That simplicity did not come easily. The rich functionality, complexity, and rapid evolution of the webpack ecosystem necessitated extension points beyond a simple Ruby config file.

5 May 2020Dotby Justin Gordon
Introduction to Cypress on Rails

Cypress provides really powerful tools to create true end-to-end tests for modern web applications. With these testing features, stay 100% confident that all frontend user interactions, even async requests, work as expected.

26 Dec 2019Dotby Anton
HVMN’s 90% Reduction in Server Response Time from React on Rails Pro

Since HVMN installed React on Rails Pro, they’ve seen a roughly 90% improvement in server-response times. The gain came from a combination of intelligent caching along with a much more efficient…

13 Sep 2018Dotby Justin Gordon
Front-End Sadness to Happiness: The React on Rails Story at GORUCO 2017

Here is a short recap of my odyssey around 4 major US cities giving talks on React on Rails in June of 2017. This talk focused on the “Why?” of React on Rails.

15 Jul 2017Dotby Justin Gordon
An Attitude of Gratitude for Open Source

This happened today, in a discussion on github, regarding the “damage” done by having two alternative mainstream ways of integrating React.js with Ruby on Rails.

27 Jun 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
The React on Rails Doctrine

This document is an extension and complement to "The Rails Doctrine."

24 Jan 2016Dotby Justin Gordon
GoGaRuCo 2013: Community > Code

A Newbie's 2013 GoGaRuCo Experience

22 Sep 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
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