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Migrating from Angular to React - read more

Migrating from Angular to React


17 Feb 2019Dotby Alexey
React SVGs

What follows is a quick rundown of how we’re currently handling SVGs at ShakaCode.

19 May 2017Dotby Rob
Redux Tree

There are two ways of thinking of about UI: in terms of state or in terms of interactions.

18 Mar 2017Dotby Alex
A Year of development with Redux. Part III

In the last post of this series, I’ll demonstrate writing UI code as a set of interactions and share how this facilitates integrating Redux and Flow.

28 Feb 2017Dotby Alex
React PureComponent Pitfalls

Unnecessary re-renders can slow down your app, especially when rendering large collections where updates to the collection occur frequently. The React docs sometimes refer to these as “wasted” renders.

30 Jan 2017Dotby Rob
A Year of development with Redux. Part II

The previous post was about the composition of connected components and performance, but those changes introduced another kind of issues, that was solved by the second insight.

20 Jan 2017Dotby Alex
A Year of development with Redux. Part I

I’ve spent the past year working on the primary product of ShakaCode and I’d like to share three biggest insights that I gained during this journey.

10 Jan 2017Dotby Alex
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