Rails 7.1 adds ActiveRecord regroup

railsDecember 27, 2023Dotby Alkesh Ghorpade

ActiveRecord group method organizes records in a database query into groups based on specified attributes. It is helpful for aggregations, calculations, and displaying data in a structured way. It generates a SQL query with a GROUP BY clause.

A generic syntax for group method in Rails is:

ModelName.group(column1, column2, ...)

To group Post based on author, you need to write the code as below:

# Group posts by author
posts = Post.group(:author)

SELECT `posts`.`*` FROM `posts` GROUP BY `posts`.`author`

Before Rails 7.1

Rails 6 added the ActiveRecord#reselect method a short-hand for unscope(:select).select(fields). Rails has reorder and rewhere methods in ActiveRecord relation. You can use them to override existing order and where clauses on an ActiveRecord::Relation.

To reset the group clause, you need to use the unscope method.

posts = Post.group(:author).unscope(:group).group(:status)

SELECT `posts`.`*` FROM `posts` GROUP BY `posts`.`status`

In Rails 7.1

Rails 7.1 introduces ActiveRecord regroup & regroup! methods to reset previously set group statements.

posts = Post.group(:author).regroup(:status)

SELECT `posts`.`*` FROM `posts` GROUP BY `posts`.`status`

The regroup method simplifies resetting a query's grouping by conveniently combining unscope(:group) and group(fields) in a single step.

In summary, the regroup method offers:

  • Flexibility: Dynamically adjust query groupings for greater adaptability.

  • Readability: Improve code clarity with concise and expressive syntax.

  • Efficiency: Streamline query building and potentially enhance performance.

To know more about this feature, please refer to this PR.

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