RailsConf 2021 -- Implicit to Explicit: Decoding Ruby's Magical Syntax

railsfavoritesApril 11, 2021Dotby Justin Gordon

magic rails

RailsConf 2021 Session


Does a Rails model or config file seem like a magical syntax? Or can you read any Ruby code and understand it as the interpreter does?

Ruby's implicitness makes it great for readability and DSLs. But that also gives Ruby a "magical" syntax compared to JavaScript.

In this talk, let's convert the implicit to explicit in some familiar Rails code. What was "magic" will become simple, understandable code.

After this talk, you'll see Ruby through a new lens, and your Ruby reading comprehension will improve. As a bonus, I'll share a few Pry tips to demystify any Ruby code.


  1. Slides
  2. Justin's ~/.pryc
  3. ShakaCode Forum Pry Articles
  4. Running puma for debugging







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