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ReasonML: Eliminating illegal state

Next thing I’d like to share is how ReasonML helps in making illegal states unrepresentable in our apps.

March 23, 2018Dotby Alex Fedoseev
ReasonMl Modules

Recently, I’ve been investing quite a lot in learning ReasonML and TBH I’m pretty much dead as JS developer right now because I’ve seen the better world. Much better one.

March 13, 2018Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Webpacker Lite: Why Fork Webpacker?

Update September 10, 2017. Webpacker Lite has been merged into v3 of Webpacker. If you’re using React on Rails, see the CHANGELOG for migration instructions to update to v9 of React on Rails which uses v3 of Webpacker.

June 01, 2017Dotby Justin Gordon
Bulletproof Enums using Immutable Records and Flow

If you use immutable-js and flow in your projects, you can have statically type-checked Enums. This means you’ll errors right in your editor and on CI when you try to access an Enum property that is misspelled or doesn’t exist.

March 13, 2017Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Migration to Webpack@2

I spent the past few days upgrading our app to the latest RC of Webpack ver. 2. Here’s the official migration guide, that covers most of the common cases, but there were still a number of “gotchas” that I wish I had been aware of before I started this PR.

January 05, 2017Dotby Alex Fedoseev
Fast Rich Client Rails Development with Webpack and the ES6 Transpiler

This article shows you how to integrate webpack into the Rails ecosystem, allowing the use of npm modules and tools, including the ES6 and JSX transpilers.

October 03, 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Capybara PhantomJs Poltergeist Rspec Tips

March 09, 2014Dotby Justin Gordon
Migrating from Capybara-Webkit to Poltergeist-PhantomJs

Tips for efficiently migrating a test rspec test suite from capybara-webkit to poltergeist-phantomjs

August 06, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Update to EmberJs Hello World

Tips to learn emberjs and advice on getting started with Tom Dale's Tutorial

June 29, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Ember.js Tutorial with Rails 4

This post demonstrates how to build a simple Ember.js app with Rails 4 for persistence, and includes a detailed screencast.

June 11, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
Ember.js Hello World

May 26, 2013Dotby Justin Gordon
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