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ShakaCode is a global software consultancy focused on Ruby on Rails web and Rust data engineering applications. ShakaCode actively maintains essential Ruby on Rails ecosystem gems, such as Shakapacker and React on Rails.

Founded in 2011 by Justin Gordon, creator of the open-source react_on_rails gem, ShakaCode offers global expertise and decades of experience, along with competitive pricing, transparent billing, and flexible resource allocation to ensure the success of client projects.

The ShakaCode team brought out-of-the-box thinking that addressed concerns, met our requirements, and identified operational constraints, far exceeding our expectations.

Erik KruegerCTO at Printivity

What we do

Solving real-world problems using proven, state-of-the-art technologies and best practices, ShakaCode helps startups, mid-market, and enterprise clients scale their business with high impact websites. Over the last eight years, we’ve leveraged our experience to design, prototype, and build dozens of web apps, e-commerce portals, and industry marketplaces.

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Our client engagement model

Streamlining project onboarding and accelerating delivery, ShakaCode offers a fully transparent engagement model. With carefully vetted, highly-skilled resources, competitive rates, and regular, scheduled communications, sit back and watch as your vision becomes reality.

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Our core expertise

As partners who work with you, not for you, we can either build your entire website or app or complement your existing team. We offer the expertise, experience, flexibility, and knowledge transfer you need to meet aggressive deadlines - on time and within budget.

Ruby on Rails with React server-side-rendering for SEO optimization

React with a type-safety, specializing in TypeScript and ReScript

Optimizing performance, especially with Ruby on Rails with React

Using Gatsby for build-time rendered lightning-fast React websites

React apps in front of DOMO marketing data

Why ShakaCode?

The ShakaCode spirit embraces everything that the shaka hand gesture represents to Hawaiians, surfers, and everyone else who understands the meaning behind it. Just as saying "aloha" expresses mutual regard and affection for another person, the shaka gesture represents mutual respect, solidarity, compassion, and friendship.

At ShakaCode, we strive to reflect the same spirit as we collaborate to build beautiful code to ensure the realization of your goals. From our very first interaction, you'll find us to be professional but easy-going, making it easy to partner with us for long term success.

Our values

Core values are the foundation for every decision we make. Living according to these values, we deliver quality solutions, empower our team members and our clients, and put in place best practices that make us easy to work with to ensure long-lasting relationships.


Our unyielding passion and unfaltering commitment are to design and deliver the best possible solution and user experience for our clients. By employing the best talent, deploying the best, proven technologies, utilizing best practices, and working closely with you to understand your business challenges and goals, we stretch our limits, unleash our potential, and strive to exceed your expectations.

We're charting a new frontier for this industry. There's so much uncertainty, and you never know exactly what people are going to want. To make it a success, you have to have the right people on your team. I can say for sure that, from working with ShakaCode, I have the right people on my team to help me solve really tough problems, doing it on time and within budget to give us the best chance for success.

Joel St. GermainFounder and CEO of GCG and Datacenters.com

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Meet the leadership team

We search the globe for the most talented individuals supporting the technologies we love to deliver the best possible value to our clients.

Alex Fedoseev

Frontend Lead Architect

Sergey Tarasov

Backend Lead Architect

Alexander Kharitonov

Senior Client Lead

Igor Galvao

Senior Client Lead


Join the team

We are hiring!

ShakaCode is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. We want to hear from you if you are interested in complex projects that challenge your abilities, and have the Ruby on Rails, React, ReScript, or Gatsby skills. Oh, and one last thing: we work remotely 🌎.

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ShakaCode makes it happen!

Schedule a free, 30-minute call to discuss what ShakaCode can do for your project. Or email us at [email protected] with your ideas, challenges, or questions. We'll get back to you within two business days.