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What is rails/webpacker?

Webpacker simplifies the use of webpack—the JavaScript pre-processor and bundler—for managing application-like JavaScript in Rails. Coexisting with the asset pipeline, rails/webpacker provides development teams with asset compression, minification, source-maps, and automatic code-splitting using multiple entry points.


Well known applications

Many developers view it as an essential part of their workflow, with over 350 contributors and 110,000 dependent rails/webpacker repositories.

Why we like rails/webpacker

We like rails/Webpacker because of its out-of-the-box development, test, and production environments. Our development services team enjoys the way it supports new environments as part of the deployment workflow. It also ships with essential integration support for Babel, React JS, TypeScript—some of our favorite tools.

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Our top rails/webpacker projects

Every Ruby on Rails project, including