Cypress On Rails Development Services

Boosting performance with this Ruby on Rails gem - Sponsored by ShakaCode!

What is Cypress On Rails?

Cypress is a next-generation, frontend testing tool used by development teams to build robust web apps, enabling developers to write more reliable tests - faster and easier. Based on JavaScript, Cypress On Rails simplifies the use of Cypress for testing and debugging Rails and Ruby on Rails rack applications to control State, as mentioned in Cypress Best Practices.


Well known applications

Developed midway through 2018, Cypress on Rails is still ramping up as more developers discover its time-saving capabilities.

Why we like Cypress On Rails

Cypress on Rails allows developers to write end-to-end specs using the native browser language instead of Capybara or another front-end testing tool. As an all-in-one, full-featured tool, it eliminates the need for additional libraries, simplifying debugging and accelerating testing. Since Cypress on Rails is based on JavaScript and easily integrated with complementary CI (Continuous Integration) tools, it’s easy for frontend developers to write and fix tests, ensuring quality apps.

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