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What is ReScript?

While TypeScript and Flow—together with many others—are popular languages targeting JavaScript, ReScript has a powerful and elegant type system. Development leverages the mature OCaml (an industrial-strength, general-purpose programming language supporting functional, imperative, and object-oriented features) community and its aggregated knowledge base. Seamlessly merging many type-driven development concepts, ReScript’s JavaScript compiler is incredibly fast, eliminates dead-code, and supports native and JavaScript as compiler targets, enabling code to be written once and run anywhere.


Well known applications

...and hundreds of other web apps.

Why we like ReScript

Created to solve real-world problems in production-grade applications, ReScript addresses the shortcomings of using Flow and TypeScript for a type-safe language for our frontend React JS code. Our development services build apps offering a higher degree of security and fewer bugs. We’ve been using ReScript since mid-2018.

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