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Boosting performance with this Ruby on Rails gem - Created by ShakaCode!

What is React on Rails?

Created by ShakaCode’s founder and CEO, Justin Gordon, React on Rails is the world’s leading solution for integrating Ruby on Rails, React, and Webpack—using rails/webpacker. React on Rails is used to build Isomorphic (Universal) apps, a new hybrid approach for accelerating the development and boosting web application performance. Providing a high-performance framework for optimizing server-side rendering, React on Rails integrates Ruby on Rails with Facebook’s React JS frontend framework, providing effective SEO and performance improvements.

React on rails

Websites built with React on Rails

React on Rails has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times and is used on more than 2,000 public websites.

Why we like React on Rails

Because we created React on Rails, and thousands love it! With over 180 contributors and more than 4,500 stars, its popularity drives us to continually update and improve it. Our subscription performance offering, React on Rails Pro, has reduced server response times by up to 90% and Heroku hosting costs by up to 25%. Incorporating code-splitting, cached server rendering, fragment caching, standalone Node JS server rendering, rolling restart of Node workers, improved Node tooling, and a host of other features, React on Rails PRO optimizes performance and saves on infrastructure costs.

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