Rebranding for the 21st Century

Status: In Progress
Duration: 2018 - present
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With over 35,000 customers nationwide and the shortest turnaround time in the country, MGX Copy was the fastest growing digital print company in the USA. Offering superior quality with color accuracy, consistency, and competitive prices, MGX Copy stood proudly behind its 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Challenge: Enabling agility, creativity, and speed

Neither the name nor the website reflected the creativity of the company or positioned it as a market leader. Not only was an entire rebrand necessary, but re-engineering the website was critical for supporting a mobile-friendly UI, SEO capabilities, and a faster and cheaper way to launch new print products.

The Solution: Expertise and experience

When Erik Krueger, CTO of Printivity, started looking for a technology partner, he wanted more than someone who could build a great website. He wanted an innovative technology leader who understood his business and could build a solution that would evolve and scale over time in line with Printvity’s business goals. Not only was ShakaCode the creator of React-on-Rails - the simplest and quickest way of integrating Ruby on Rails with React - but they had also used that technology to build their own consumer-facing website,

Based on their competitive pricing, transparent billing, and flexible resource allocation, Erik hired ShakaCode for the complete, end-to-end implementation, including taking over and updating the designs provided by the original branding and design team. With a hard launch date already in place and faced with a limited budget, ShakaCode had just three months to build an entire e-commerce website.

The ShakaCode team brought out-of-the-box thinking that addressed concerns, met our requirements, and identified operational constraints. Not only did they help us integrate technologies, but they also helped us simplify the solution, probably saving us a month or two of complexity while still meeting our requirements.

Erik KruegerCTO at Printivity

The Project: Fast but seamless

Leveraging ShakaCode’s libraries and processes the team quickly set up the framework required for development, testing, and deployment. As specifications and budget were made available, component development began with limited resources and then ramped up to full-time.

By the deadline for the soft launch, all the major functionality needed to register accounts, login, view product line, add to a cart, and place and track orders were in place, along with a consistent UI for mobile users. By reengineering the taxonomy-based navigation and product structure, the new site perfectly matches Printivity’s custom pricing services, significantly reducing time-to-market for new print solutions.

The Results: Rapid customer adoption and record sales

The project was completed on time and within budget, much to the surprise and delight of both Printivity and their customers. Adoption ramped swiftly with over 75% of customers moving to the new website in the first month, supported by record sales and higher than expected returns from customer campaigns.

We’ve reduced the time needed to bring new products to market—from a technical perspective—from weeks or months to just a few days with cost savings of up to 90%. ShakaCode far exceeded our expectations, providing us with a platform on which we can grow our business.

Erik KruegerCTO at Printivity

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