Blue Moon Digital: Taking the guesswork out of data

Status: In Progress
Duration: 2017 – Present
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A digital consultancy focused on helping clients leverage the power of data to drive digital transformation, Blue Moon Digital, Inc. - or BMDI - provides a full marketing portfolio. Spanning three core competencies, their services encompass (1) agency services to promote and engage; (2) analytics and data science services to measure, optimize, and predict; and (3) technology solutions for visualization and automation.

The Challenge: Technology to enable data-driven digital transformation

BMDI chose Domo as its development platform for an exciting new project, the Revenue Equation App - a tool providing a comprehensive snapshot of digital marketing performance, categorized by channel, device, and visitor type. With speed critical to decision making in today’s digital economy, Domo provides fast, easy access to unified, cleansed data with automated updates for real-time insights.

However, a lack of in-house frontend resources meant BMDI needed a partner who could help develop an app to run within a Domo environment using Rails and React.js.

The Solution: The right framework and partner for delivering data-driven apps

After finding Justin Gordon—the CEO and Founder of ShakaCode and creator of the react_on_rails gem—on GitHub, ShakaCode’s initial task was to build the application stack. Finding they worked really well together, ShakaCode’s next project was improving the Revenue Equation App to track key performance metrics against plan or forecast goals visually.

ShakaCode’s experience building sophisticated apps with Ruby, React, and react_on_rails provided the skills Blue Moon Digital needed to create an app that matched their clients’ needs. Functionality included the ability to drill down into KPI components for additional insight. It also catered for unique fiscal calendars such as using random dates for reporting periods or utilizing non-standard ways for dividing years into months and quarters.

ShakaCode is extremely responsive. They’re always asking the right questions and looking for ways to help us improve our products and share best practices. They think about a lot of the issues you need to consider, such as code quality, performance, scalability, and maintainability.

Ryan GrowSenior Software Architect, Blue Moon Digital, Inc.

The Project: Sophisticated features to meet client needs

Once ShakaCode had successfully delivered the first project, BMDI realized that there was more that could be done to make the app stand out and provide features that could contribute significantly to their clients’ bottom line. ShakaCode was tasked to develop a weighted pacing feature to help users of the app to meet their monthly revenue targets by quickly adjusting to daily or weekly consumer trends.

“The pacing functionality that ShakaCode delivered will become the future of the product,” states Rachel Hazelwood, Head of Product Management at Blue Moon Digital. “It adds real value to our customers and differentiates Blue Moon Digital as a leader in this space.”

The Results: Increased revenue, reduced risk, and added shareholder value

“Our clients love the Revenue Equation App,” says Hazelwood. “Many have told us that’s it’s changed their life. Our job is to help our clients take the guesswork out of their data. ShakaCode helps us take the guesswork out of technology.“

The functionality delivered by ShakaCode enables users to quickly identify underperforming campaigns and optimize spend to drive revenue and reduce risk, translating to increased profits and happy shareholders. Moreover, ShakaCode architected and developed the app to be platform-independent. Not only can Blue Moon Digital use the app with their own backend, but it can also be quickly redeployed in a standalone environment if a client needs access outside of the native Domo environment.

“We started off looking for a partner to develop a React frontend for Domo,” states Ryan Grow, Senior Software Architect at BMDI, “but we ended up with a partner who’s committed to our business and offers tremendous expertise and experience.”

ShakaCode makes it happen!

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