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We’re ShakaCode, a global team of open source creators, developers, and designers with a passion for partnering with our clients to enable and transform their businesses. We develop elegant, high-performance mobile and web applications built with Ruby on Rails, React, Gatsby, ReScript and related technologies for simplified deployment and accelerated performance.

In addition, ShakaCode Pro Support, a subscription-based service, provides ongoing support and a license for React-on-Rails Pro for accelerating client- and server-side performance to guarantee an exceptional user experience.


Revolutionize and disrupt your industry with innovative, two-sided marketplaces leveraging ShakaCode’s IP, expertise, and experience building our own real-world solution.

2X provider adoption and 15% compound monthly growth rate in website traffic

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Don’t keep your customers waiting! Drive incremental business by delivering the performance they demand to enhance the user experience and keep them coming back for more.

73% improvement in page response with a 124% increase in throughput

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Boost React on Rails with React on Rails PRO

Improve your server response times up to 90% with built-in code-splitting, caching, and more efficient React server-side rendering for just $1620/year.

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What makes it all the more impressive, is that during the period where we've reduced response times by almost 75%, we’ve also increased throughput by 124%. So we’re handling 2.24x the number of requests while maintaining much faster response times than previously. That’s amazing!

Justis BlascoCo-founder and VP of Technology at Popmenu


Reinvent your brand with a modern, high-performance e-commerce website that reflects the leadership, creativity, and capabilities of your brand.

85% reduction in time-to-market with 80-90% cost savings

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Complement your internal team with recognized expertise and experience who are committed to your success and can deliver high-quality code - on time, within budget, and with full transparency.

95% savings for support with increased customer conversion and retention

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What our clients say

A track record delivering business results!

We’ve reduced the time needed to bring new products to market—from a technical perspective—from weeks or months to just a few days, with cost savings of up to 90%. ShakaCode far exceeded our expectations, providing us with a platform on which we can grow our business.

Erik KruegerCTO at Printivity
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One of the things that had the biggest impact was the way ShakaCode managed the project. Everything was super-transparent, which, because we’re extremely cost-conscious, was important to us. Everyone tracks their time by the task. That made it easier to predict how long it would take and how much it would cost to develop new features.

Mike PriceVP of Software Engineering at GCG and
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