HVMN Testimonial, Written by Paul Benigeri, October 12, 2018

The price we paid for the consultation + the React on Rails pro license has already been made back a couple of times from hosting fees alone. The entire process was super hands off, and our core team was able to focus on shipping new feature during that sprint.

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Leora from ResortPass, December 10, 2018

Justin and his team were instrumental in assisting us in setting design foundations and standards for our transition to a react on rails application. Just three months of work with the team at Shaka code and we have a main page of our application server-side rendering at exponentially improved speeds.

Full writeup here.

From Joel Hooks, Co-Founder, Chief Nerd at egghead.io, January 30, 2017:


From Kyle Maune of Cooper Aerial, May 4, 2018


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