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ResortPass Testimonial, by Leora Juster, December 10, 2018

Many can write code that "works." Even fewer can write sophisticated code that both works and reflects a deep understanding of the technologies and paradigms involved. Only a select few can do the aforementioned while assisting in managing the expectations and time constraints of less technically informed members of software product teams to make the best design decisions possible. Justin and his team were instrumental in assisting us in setting design foundations and standards for our transition to a react on rails application. Just three months of work with the team at Shaka code and we have a main page of our application server-side rendering at exponentially improved speeds. The code and CSS files are well-organized and contain repeatable patterns easy to understand, allowing my team to build on what has already been accomplished. I learned a great deal from my interactions with Justin and his team, as they are just as great teachers as they are developers, and feel like I get to continually learn from them as I build on top of their code. Their different support and pro plan options make it easy to build a continuous professional relationship despite fluctuations in my team's funding, and their team is always extremely personable, punctual, and professional.

Leora Juster, Full-Stack Lead Software Developer