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If you haven't tried the autofix options for eslint and rubocop, you're seriously missing out!

  1. Be SURE you have a clean git status, as you'll want to review what the autofix does to your code!

  2. Rubocop: Be sure to be in the right directory where you have Ruby files, probably the top level of your Rails project.

    rubocop -a
  3. eslint:: Be sure to be in the right directory where you have JS files.

    eslint --fix .


    npm run lint -- --fix

Autofixing is a HUGE time saver!


Configuring Rules

Rules are configured with a 0, 1 or 2. Setting a rule to 0 is turning it off, setting it to 1 triggers a warning if that rule is violated, and setting it to 2 triggers an error.

Rules can also take a few additional options. In this case, the rule can be set to an array, the first item of which is the 0/1/2 flag and the rest are options.

See file .eslintrc for examples of configuration

Specify/Override rules in code

Rules can also be specified in the code file to be linted, as JavaScript comments. This can be useful when the rule is a one-off or is a override to a project-wide rule.

For example, if your file assumes a few globals and you have the no-undef rule set in the .eslintrc file, you might want to relax the rule in the current file.

/* global $, window, angular */
// rest of code

It's also useful to disable ESLint for particular lines or blocks of lines.

console.log('console.log not allowed'); // eslint-disable-line

alert('alert not allowed'); // eslint-disable-line no-alert

/* eslint-disable no-console, no-alert */
console.log('more console.log');
alert('more alert');
/* eslint-enable no-console, no-alert */

You can disable all rules for a line or block, or only specific rules, as shown above.