Using a Branch Rather Than a Published Package

And Old Installation Instructions

Get the oauth token from [email protected]

  • ShakaCode does:
    • Creates a github user, like customer-rorp with email [email protected] created via a Google apps group.
    • Confirm email for account
    • Add user to have read-only access for shakacode/react_on_rails_pro
    • Create an auth token for this user.

Update the Gemfile

CUSTOMER_GITHUB_AUTH = '3f5fblahblahblah:x-oauth-basic'
gem "react_on_rails_pro", git: "https://#{CUSTOMER_GITHUB_AUTH}", tag: '1.0.0'

Update the client/package.json

yarn add https://${CUSTOMER_GITHUB_AUTH}:[email protected]/shakacode/react_on_rails_pro.git\#1.0.0