Error Reporting and Tracing for Sentry and HoneyBadger


  1. Create a new Sentry Node project. After creating it, you will get directed to a page like this. You need to know your
  2. Install these 2 packages: @sentry/node and @sentry/tracing.
  3. Set the sentryDsn config value. To find your DSN, click on the gear icon next to your project name to get to the settings screen. Then click on the left side menu Client Keys (DSN).

Sentry Tracing

To use this feature, you need to add config.sentryTracing = true (or ENV SENTRY_TRACING=true) and optionally the config.sentryTracesSampleRate = 0.1 (or ENV SENTRY_TRACES_SAMPLE_RATE=0.1). The value of the sample rate is the percentage of requests to trace. The default config.sentryTracesSampleRate is 0.1, meaning 10% of requests are traced.

For documentation of Sentry Tracing, see the


  1. Install package: @honeybadger-io/js
  2. Set the honeybadgerApiKey config value.