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We've been working on the next version of egghead.io. The site is built on Rails, and we still love Rails, but the next version is going to use the React on Rails gem built by Justin Gordon and his team at ShakaCode. It's pretty amazing what this tool has been able to do for us. Fully integrated server-side rendering of React inside of a Rails app with React Router 4 and Redux. Life's complex, and apps are too!

React on Rails on Egghead.io newsletter January 30, 2017

Joel Hooks

Joel Hooks

Co-Founder, Chief Nerd at Egghead.io

GuavaPass decided React was where our team wanted to go, but spending the time, floundering around on our own simply would not be cost effective. Justin and Rob from ShakaCode were everything we needed to get our React game off the ground. From introductions on React, its paradigms, and integration points with Rails to academic discussions on JavaScript, the pair was able to provide us with a great learning experience. With ShakaCode's support, we shrank days of learning to hours and shipped to production in 30% less time.

Justin Louie

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Complement your development team with support from the technical team
behind React on Rails and Hawaii Chee.

We want to share our knowledge with your team via chat conversations (Slack), code reviews, video calls, and screen sharing.

Our pro support plans start at $300/month and all of them include a license to React on Rails Pro.

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Want to efficiently build a web app with React plus Ruby on Rails?

Why us? Check out our Rails and React open source. We use it in 3 commercial projects.

We've done this before, so it's easy for us!

We specialize in migrating Angular to React.

We’ve got experience with React and React-Native apps that speak to any API.

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Hawaii Chee

Hawaii Chee is a vacation rental listing site which puts the relationships between hosts and guests first. It’s like Airbnb or VRBO, with social connections for referrals, guest discovery, and optional privacy.


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Everwise is a completely new model for talent development. It connects your talent to the people, resources, and feedback they need to succeed at every stage of their career. ShakaCode led the conversion of Everwise’s front-end from Angular to React.


Egghead is a bite-size video tutorials for badass web developers. You can learn the latest frameworks from industry leaders. ShakaCode is helping to implement much of Egghead's front-end in React.


Blink Inc is a photo studio for the modern world. Its real-time delivery system lets you see your photos as they are shot. Its professional photographers have the experience and training to make sure you look great. ShakaCode has been with Blink since product conceptualization in 2011.


Spylight found ShakaCode through our work with React on Rails. They commissioned us to create a react-native version of their mobile responsive website, spylight.com, along with additional content creation features. In the Spylight app, a user can discover clothing and accessories from by celebrities, movies, TV shows. This app will soon be in the iOS App Store.

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