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React on Rails

The leading solution for integration of Ruby on Rails with React + React-Router + Webpack. We have over 2,100 stars ☆ !

React Webpack Rails Tutorial

Example of integration of Rails, React, and Redux using React on Rails, based on Webpack, Babel, CSS Modules, Redux, React-Router, and much more. See this live here at

Bootstrap Loader

Webpack Loader for Twitter Bootstrap, supporting both versions 3 and 4.

Style Guide: JavaScript

ShakaCode's JavaScript style guide including an awesome eslint preset: eslint-config-shakacode.

Style Guide: Ruby

ShakaCode's Ruby style guide.

Sass Resources Loader

This loader will @import your SASS resources into every required SASS module. So you can use your shared variables & mixins across all SASS styles without manually importing them in each file. Made to work with CSS Modules!

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